Equipment rental

From “The Arsenal” you can rent the equipment that is otherwise used during production. The equipment listed below is simply a summed up list of the most vital gear, there is, of course, a lot more.

All the equipment is the property of Johan Storm. Beware that this list is only regarding equipment rental and is not connected to the services of Johan Storm as a director or DOP. However, all the equipment is included whenever hiring Johan separately.

To rent the listed equipment you have to either be a current or previous client. If you’re not, you can request to rent by sending an email about yourself and your project here.

● RED EPIC DRAGON X 6K with PL-mount: 500 USD/day.

● RED EPIC DRAGON X 6K with EF-mount: 500 USD/day.

● The SIGMA ART series with EF-mount: 300 USD/day.

● RODE-LINK wireless audio system: 100 USD/day. (Several systems available).

● 3 meter steel rail + dolly: 300 USD/day.

The equipment listed above only includes equipment at a fixed price. A lot more is available on request. The RED-camera is available in many different setups including shoulder-rig, tripod, steadicam or handheld. Rods and dovetail are always included. If the RED is combined with lenses the price is reduced. In case the production is more than 3 days there will be a discount. All customers get better prices if the rental is connected to an ongoing project that includes services from Johan Storm. If the production is in Stockholm – Sweden, the equipment can be arranged to be shipped back and forth from the set, even on weekends.

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